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Are you looking to hire a photographer for your high school senior?  If so, what type of photographer are you looking to get?  Have you established a budget for their photo session?  Do you have to buy prints or are they included in the photo package?  These are a few questions parents typically have and I hope I can clear up some of the confusion before you book that high school senior portrait photographer. 

  1. When looking for a High School Senior Photographer, the first thing many parents think of is the cost factor.  In the Sugar Land - Houston market, you are looking at photographers with a price range of $100 to $300 for high school senior pictures.
  2. You maybe asking yourself, "What is included in the price of the service?".  Before booking any photographer, make sure you understand what you get for the price you pay.  For example; you maybe paying $75 for an hour session, which you think that is an awesome bargain.  But what does that $75 cover?  Some photographers will call that $75 a sitting fee, where you pay just for them to take the pictures.  Now you have to pay $150 to get digital files of those images, so you can use them.  Or you may have to go online and purchase those images separately from the $75 sitting fee.  So in the end, you may end up with a $75 charge and no images.  So be sure to ask your photographer what you get before you agree to have photos done.
  3. "You get what you pay for", have you ever heard that line before?  I know many of us have and it really stinks when the end result doesn't meet our expectations.  So when hiring a photographer, equipment and skill does matter.  If you want your neighbor that is good at doing Instagram photos with their iPhone to be your photographer, that is perfectly ok.  But if you want professionally done images, you may want to learn how these images are created by speaking to your photographer and asking them questions like, "which lens creates the best portrait image and why?"  or "how can you make the pictures look so sharp?".  If the photographer can explain to you how they do what they do, there is a good chance you are working with a professional.
  4. Once you have a budget established for your photo session, understand what is covered in the fee for the package, and created expectations of what you get for the price you are willing to pay, now you will want to consult your high school senior on the style of image they want or envision.  Some photographers are wonderful with studio work and vivid, bright colors. While other photographers have retro or vintage styles that are combined with props.  During this stage of your photographer search you can sit down with your high school senior and have some quality one-on-one time.  You can talk through your ideas and they can express their interests.  Make this a moment to remember and have fun with the search.  Go online and make an afternoon of it!
  5. If you have narrowed down the search to one or two photographers, take the time to meet them or speak to them directly.  It's very awkward to be yourself, when meeting someone for the first time.  So have the high school senior meet the photographer first and get that introduction out of the way.  Then when they meet for the actual photo session, the mood of the photo shoot should be a bit more inviting since the two of them know one another already.
  6. When getting the senior ready for their photo session, here are a few tips.  - bring a couple different outfits - be sure to shave for guys and make up for ladies - be yourself and don't get carried away with spray tanning or expensive jewels - avoid wearing sunglasses - have a good night's rest before the photo session - do your hair, cleaned/combed/styled - don't be afraid of color, and avoid the normal black, white, grey and tan outfits.
  7. Now that you've completed the photo session and have the digital images, what do you do then?  Like I mentioned earlier, you may have the option to go online and purchase prints from the photographer's site, such as SmugMug.  Some of you may want to take those digital files and go to Walmart or Target.  Whatever is your method to print those images, I strongly encourage you to print them.  Don't let them sit on your computer and hide.  If you do decide to print them by yourself, understand that all photo processing centers are not the same.  So the machines at Walmart or Walgreens will not produce the same level of quality as a professional photo processing center.  When going to your local photo processor, be aware of auto color correction.  Keep the integrity of the photo and don't let the machine color correct the image.  If you do, then you run the risk of the image being distorted or looking different from what you expected. 

If you find yourself with more questions after reading this blog, feel free go to the Contact Page and send me a message.  I'll be happy to help in any way that I can.

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