Houston Family Portrait Photographer - Food Truck Saturday

This past weekend, we wanted to try something new in Houston.  So we ventured to the corner of Leeland St. and St. Emanuel St. in Houston to try out some local food truck cuisine.  Here are a few pictures of our lunchtime fun.

At the Coreanos food truck we tried the OG Burrito, which has marinated beef, french fries, korean slaw, kimchi, onions, and cilantro, wrapped in a flour tortilla.  Good concept of trying to combine Korean cuisine with a Mexican twist.  They kind of missed the boat on this burrito, as anyone that has had kimchi knows, kimchi is very powerful and can overwhelm other ingredients, when combined.


It's a good idea to try various trucks and see what they have to offer.  Here at Muiishi Makirritos, we got the pork belly sushi roll.  Believe it or not, the pork belly had great flavor and was very tender.  I would buy this roll again.  Only miss to this sushi roll was the nori being too moist.  The Houston humidity makes it hard to keep nori crisp, making it hard to eat the sushi roll in bites.  Maybe they should have cut them into slices. 


And of course I got some random guy walking way from the food truck with Deep Fried Oreos, which he kindly allowed me to take a snap shot of these sinfully, high calorie treats.  I actually restrained myself and resisted purchasing my own.